Local Bus Routes


Whether you live in Romford, the London area or outside of the capital, once you arrive in the local area you may decide to journey to the festival site using local buses.

Getting a bus is very straight forward as all you have to do is find the nearest stop for the 247 bus which will take you directly to Fowler Road round the corner from the MoonDance Festival site in Hainault Forest Country Park.

If you haven’t used public transport in London before, you can visit the TfL website to find out more about how to pay via Oyster card, contactless card, bus passes or using a day Travelcard. Please note that London buses now operate using a cashless system and drivers are not able to accept any payments.


To get a 247 bus from Romford Station to Fowler Road, walk out of Romford station and turn left. Walk for approximately 8 minutes until you come to the bottom of Romford Market, take a right and walk through the market to the top and you will see the bus stop location. Jump onboard a 247 towards Barkingside and leave the bus at Yellowpine Way and you will be a very short walk from the festival site at Hainault Forest Country Park.

If you are unsure of how to find the 247 bus stop by foot, you can walk out of Romford station to catch a 66 bus which will take you to the nearest 247 bus stop. You can then leave the 66 bus outside Romford market (Stop L) and then hop on a 247 bus towards Barkingside, leaving at Yellowpine Way only a short walk away from the festival.

The 247 bus towards Barkingside regularly arrive every 15 minutes and the journey time on average takes 23-30 minutes.


For those travelling by bus to the MoonDance Festival from Hainault Station, you will find the 247 (towards Romford) bus directly outside.

The festival site is only a short ride away and the journey shouldn’t take any longer than 10-15 minutes. Buses frequently arrive at the stop every 12 minutes, so you shouldn’t be waiting too long for a bus to arrive.

If you want to see the full 247 bus route to understand how many stops it will pass through from either Romford or Hainault, you can see the map here.

For those who live in London and are planning on travelling to the festival by connecting buses, please visit the TFL website to plan your journey.


  • Check the TfL website to get all the information you need about timetables, bus routes and travel costs.
  • You cannot pay cash on any London bus.
  • The 247 bus can be boarded either outside of Romford market or outside of Hainault station.
  • Buses depart from Romford and Hainault stations regularly and will arrive very close to the festival site.